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backwards and climbed a small cliff and made
ready to dash for our safety* But we heard some-
thing like a man grunting5 and we turned and
looked and saw Ponoka3 the dog that had run
down and killed a full-grown elk, sinking his long
white fangs into the ruffled throat of the dying
beast. With a fierce growl the big wolf-dog, his
eyes gleaming vengeance for his slain companion,
was swaying wildly from side to side, beating the
ground with the thing he had in his mouth.

When finally he shook it and it did not move,

he was loath to let it go; his vengeance was not

yet satisfied.    He let it go3 seeming to hope that it

would move again.    When it did not, he made

another savage lunge at it and ripped it wide open

with one rake of his mighty teeth.    Then he

limped over to his dead companion and nosed him

and whined and licked the blood from his own

dripping legs and whined again.    We heard a

noise, and saw him leap over a bank out of view.

We rushed down, and there In a gully lay Seven

Bulls, torn and mangled and gone mad with pain,

His eyes were glazed, and as Ponoka tried to

approach him he took savage bites at him with

his roving head, which looked more like that of

a rattlesnake than that of a dog.    Seeming to

understand., Ponoka whined and looked at him,

and then turned and looked sorrowfully at us.

We called him away.   He came with us up the